• The market research industry has grown steadily over the last five years, but new innovations could rapidly increase potential revenue in the future.
  • The global market research industry produces $45 billion in revenue each year. Although Europe and the United States lead the industry overall, other countries such as China, Brazil, Russia, and India are experiencing increasing demand for services related
    to market research.
  • As the economy began to bounce back from the recession, corporate profits rose quickly in 2010. As a result, companies increased their investment in market research in order to generate sales leads and develop new products. Since then, the market research industry has been characterized by slow but steady growth.


StatGate is a newly initiated business majored in market studies and statistical solutions. It was established in 2018 in Sudan as a result of the growing demand for firms working in analysis and consultancy.

We provide solutions and consultancy for all types of studies and researches,through conducting highly effective market research yielding relevant, valid and reliable results and making sure to satisfy the needs of our clients. The importance of market studies lies within that it can help you to know better what you are going to do through clearing countless queries; it will always enable your business to identify its opportunities and how to increase its profit as well as to reduce risk and loss significantly. Also it will provide you with complete information about your competitors and can let you understand your customers and their preferences well. Our mission is to be the most successful firm in our industry, leaning on our values that include honesty, transparency, efficiency and accuracy.