Sugar Business

Our services and support expand to form the cane growing, agriculture practices, harvesting, up to the sugar processing and production. We work with our clients for efficiency improvement and process optimization through the business processes

Animal Production

We provide our services and support to our clients in the animal production cycle including the animal feed production, meat production, dairy business and poultry


Our services cover a wide range of agribusiness. The sectors we support includes: edible oil production, fruit and vegetable processing, packaging, marketing and logistics of agriculture products, and animal feed production

Renewable and alternative source of Energy

With the rising concern of the environmental conservation, we committed ourselves to green solutions. Our solutions include, power generation from agriculture and agro-industry by-products, ethanol, and solar energy.


We support our clients in a wide range of agriculture activities in the small, medium and large scale farming. These incudes: irrigated and rainfed farming as well as enclosed production systems such as green housing.